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The Dobson Crew in 2004 with Op. 80. Additional photos of the crew from this time can be seen on our 30th Anniversary Page.

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Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Ltd.
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William Ayers 1994 Voicer, Pipemaker
Abraham Batten 2006 Technical Designer
Kent Brown 2006 Cabinetmaker
Lynn A. Dobson 1974 Founder and Company Artist
Donald Glover 2019 Voicer, Pipemaker
Randy Hausman 1988 Cabinetmaker
Dean Heim 1988 Shop Foreman, General Organbuilding
Donny Hobbs 2003 Technical Designer, Voicer, Archivist
Deana Hoeg-Ryan 2019 Business Manager
Ben Hoskins 2014 General Organbuilding, Voicing
Albert Meyers 2019 General Organbuilding
Arthur Middleton 1987 Machinist, Key Action, Wood Pipes
Dwight Morenz 2016 Custodian
John A. Panning 1984 President and Tonal Director
Robert Savage 1989 Leatherwork, Electrical, General Organbuilding
Carl Schnack 2020 Cabinetmaker
Jim Streufert 2007 Windchests, General Organbuilding
John Streufert 2007 Voicer, General Organbuilding
Jon H. Thieszen 1975 Technical Designer
Pat Thieszen 2009 General Organbuilding
Sally J. Winter 1983 Accounting and Secretarial
Dean C. Zenor 1990 Key Action, Administrative

Dobson Pipe Organ Builders is a member firm
of the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America (APOBA)
and the International Society of Organbuilders (ISO).

Lynn Dobson, Don Glover, John Panning and Jon Thieszen are members of the American Institute of Organbuilders (AIO).

The Dobson Crew in 1993 with Op. 60.


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