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For more than a quarter century, we have constructed fine pipe organs for churches, schools and private individuals. In every project, whether for religious or secular institutions, we strive to create timeless works of musical art that faithfully perform the literature, inspire the composer and improviser, and are a joy to both player and listener.

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Design work for our Op. 98 for St. Christopher’s Church in Chatham, Massachusetts is underway. The organ will be installed in 2021. Maury Castro is the Organist & Choirmaster.

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Construction of our Op. 97 for the University of Dubuque is in full swing. To be installed in John and Alice Butler Hall in the University’s Heritage Center, the new organ will serve as UD’s main recital and teaching instrument. Installation begins in May 2020.

• • •

Installation of our Op. 96, a new instrument for Bruton Parish Church, in historic Williamsburg, Virginia, is now complete. Founded in 1674, the parish worships in its 1715 church, which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970 and is one of the most recognizable structures of Colonial Williamsburg.

Bruton Parish Church has a lengthy organ history. The makers of the first organs, from 1756 and 1840, are unknown. At the dawn of the 20th century, the Hutchings-Votey Organ Co. provided a new instrument, some pipes of which were retained in Op. 968 of the Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. That instrument, rebuilt on six occasions since its construction in 1937 and growing from 13 ranks to 105, was crowded into the attic, the east gallery of the church, the case of a 1785 organ by Samuel Green that was added in 1939, and the church tower. Faced with increasing mechanical unreliability and advised by several consultants that a new, smaller organ more advantageously placed would yield both musical and maintenance benefits, the parish undertook a search for an organ builder. That process came to its conclusion in February 2016 with the signing of a contract between Bruton Parish Church and Dobson.

The new organ stands in the east gallery, above the reredos, in the space formerly occupied by the Green organ case. The design of the new organ case takes its cue from the historic reredos, which was reconstructed in 1939. The case is painted the same putty-gray color as the reredos; the tin façade pipes are gilded. The Great and Positive divisions and some pipes of the Pedal stand in the case. The Swell and largest Pedal pipes are located immediately above and speak through the ceiling grilles. Because of architectural constraints, the organ has electric action.

The Rev’d. Christopher L. Epperson is the Rector of Bruton Parish Church. Rebecca Davy is Music Director & Organist, and JanEl Will is Organist; James Darling is Choirmaster-Organist Emeritus.

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The second season of organ recitals featuring our Op. 93 at Saint Thomas Church in New York City opens on Friday 22 September 2019 with the William R. Miller Grand Organ Recital, presented by recently-installed Organist & Director of Music Jeremy Filsell. Succeeding programs will be presented by Christophe Mantoux, Nathan Laube, Joy-Leilani Garbutt, and Benjamin Sheen.

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In 2009, in celebration of our company’s 35th anniversary, we made an online exhibit of some of Lynn Dobson’s drawings. One of the most highly-regarded case designers of his generation, Dobson has proved to be equally at home in modern or historically-inspired idioms. Lynn A. Dobson: Drawings & Projects presents a selection of work from 1974–2009, and includes unrealized designs as well as built instruments.

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