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Steve & Judy Turner Recital Hall
The Blair School of Music

Vanderbilt University

Nashville, Tennessee

Opus 92, 2014

Installation Photos


The organ arrives at the Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University.

Turner Recital Hall awaits.

The organ entirely filled the trailer.

Organ parts everywhere, and this is only a fraction of the total.

Making progress.

Jon Thieszen lays out the floor frame in the organ loft.

Under the organ loft is a large room. The console will be placed behind the left doors, while access to the organ and storage of the bench and pedalboard when not in use will be on the right.

In this photo, Kent is leveling the console floor frame. Note the green laser light line emitted from the laser level behind the ladder. Kent is holding a reader that senses the laser, indicating the levelness of the floor frame on which he's set the pole.

The console chassis, the control center for the organ, waits for placement in its final position.

The C-side Pedal windchest.

The case back frames are installed.

The Great windchest, on the left, and the Swell, on the right, have been hoisted into position.

Wrapping a strap around a façade post in preparation for hoisting.

The case is coming together: back, sides and façade posts are up.

Making progress.

The first tower top is set into place.

Others follow.

Lifting parts of the impost, the wooden structure on which the façade pipes stand.

Fitting the center tower mouldings.


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