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Steve & Judy Turner Recital Hall
The Blair School of Music

Vanderbilt University

Nashville, Tennessee

Opus 92, 2014

Construction Photos


Almost always, the first parts of an organ to be made are the pipes.

These pieces are the Great Mixtur.

Bill making the Great Octava 4.

The 8' flute stops have wooden bass pipes.

These are the side rails of the slider windchest grids.

These are the channel bars for the grids. The ends are dovetailed into the side rails.

Randy assembles a grid. The side rails are clamped to a steel channel so that it remains straight.

Completed grids.

After the upper and lower skins are glued to the grids, the sliders and toeboards are fitted.

Routing pallet slots.

The windchest valves, or pallets, are made of vertical grain western red cedar.

The Pedal windchest, upside down, showing the pallets.

Jim burns the toehole countersinks.

Some of the toeboards.

Randy glues white oak boards that will become raised panels.

Some of the case frames.

Randy routs rabbets in which the raised panels will be fitted. The is one of the case sides.

Some of the raised panels.

The organ has mouldings with very large coves. These are made by gluing up layers of wood, then running them almost perpendicularly over a table saw blade.

Art uses a milling machine to bore holes in some of the coupler levers for the console chassis.

The Swell rollerboard.

The bodies of the wood pipes are made of yellow poplar and have black cherry caps and languids.

Bob leathers the reservoir, which is about 4' x 6' and will have weights to set the pressure.

Swell shades are made of western red cedar that is laminated and then resawn perpendicular to the laminations to prevent warping.

The suspended keys, which have bone naturals and ebony sharps. Key cheeks are American black walnut.


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