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Independent Presbyterian Church
Birmingham, Alabama

Opus 90, 2012

Installation Photos

The new organ was welcomed with a ‘Blessing of the Pipes’, complete with crucifer and thurifer!

Organ pipes were ceremonially carried into the sanctuary.

Some of the contents of the first semi-trailer fill the church.

The left chamber will be the home of the Choir and Solo divisions.

Dobson technical designer Abe Batten surveys the chamber. A lot of stuff goes in here—hope it fits!

Shop foreman Dean Heim and Bob Savage discuss the installation of the Solo expression box.

One of the Solo swell shade frames is installed.

The Solo expression boxes takes shape.

Hoisting Choir shade front frames.

The Choir slider windchest can be seen above steel channels that will support the left façade.

A view into the Choir chamber.

There are five Haskell basses for the Pedal Octave 16' behind the left façade. Two of them are mounted horizontally in front of the Choir shades; the other three will stand behind the round towers of the façade.

Work turns to the right chamber, the home of the Great, Swell and Pedal. Here the Swell box is taking shape on the left.

Setting up scaffolding to install the upper Swell slider windchest.

Hoisting the upper windchest into place.

Hoisting stopped 32' pipes, which also go in the right chamber.

The largest 32' pipe is 19-1/2" wide x 23-3/4" deep outside and is made of 2" thick basswood.

The smaller 32' pipes.

One of the case towers, with its dentils and carved details. All of the visible casework is made of American white oak.

The façade woodwork on the left side is installed.

Once the case front is up, the façade pipes can be hoisted into place.

Façade pipes then go up on the right side as well.

The console is hoisted to its home in the choir loft.

Although it seemed it was up for a very long time, eventually the scaffolding comes down, all the plywood that covered the floor is taken up, and worship life at IPC returns to its familiar yet new place.

Thank you, Susan Clayton,
for taking many of these photographs.

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