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Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church
Ellison Bay, Wisconsin

Opus 79, 2004

GREAT pipes
16' Bourdon 58
8' Prestant 58
8' Chimney Flute 58
4' Octave 58
2-2/3' Twelfth 58
2' Fifteenth 58
1-3/5' Seventeenth 58
IV Mixture 1-1/3' 232
8' Trumpet 58
Swell to Great
SWELL (expressive)
8' Lieblich Gedackt 58
8' Salicional 58
8' Celeste FF 53
4' Principal 58
4' Harmonic Flute 58
2' Piccolo 58
1-1/3' Larigot 58
8' Oboe 58
16' Subbass 32
16' Bourdon from Great
8' Prestant 32
8' Bass Flute ext. Subbass 12
4' Octave ext. Prestant 12
16' Trombone 32
8' Trumpet ext.Trombone 12
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Mechanical key action
Electric stop action with 8 level combination action
Free standing solid oak case

Installation Photos

The main casework is being set up in the erecting room. The Swell division (with the blue ladder) is located above the Great. In the foreground is Op. 80.

Bill Ayers steps away from his work soldering hooks on façade pipes to give a view of the scaffolding used to install the façade racks. The racks are felted scalloped boards that cradle the pipes and carry hooks that keep the pipes in place.

The scalloped façade racks are visible under the glare of the erecting room light.

The completed pipeshades. The façade pipes are covered with a yellow plastic masking for protection.

A close-up of the pipeshades.

The detached and reversed console. The choir loft floor is at the bottom of the console’s oak woodwork; the trackers run under the floor into the organ case.

Installation Photos


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