The Fred J. Cooper Memorial Organ
Verizon Hall,
Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Op. 76

Images from the Inauguration Weekend, 11-14 May 2006


The Philadelphia Orchestra hosted an open rehearsal on Thursday morning. At the console is Olivier Latry, Organist of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Also seen turning pages is Olivier’s wife, who served as his console assistant throughout the weekend.
Olivier played from the stage console for the three concertos, and from the main console for the Saint-Saëns.
A dinner reception for the organ builders, donors and friends of the Kimmel Center was held at Cadence Restaurant in the Kimmel Center before the inaugural concert on Thursday evening, 11 May.
The celebrities of the evening: organ builder Lynn Dobson and organ committee chairman Fred Haas.
Andrew Senn and Peter Conte, Grand Court organists at the Wanamaker Building, chat with Lynn Dobson.
Organ consultant and author Jonathan Ambrosino speaks with Dean and Deb Zenor.
Audrey Williams, mother of our shop secretary Sally Winter, enjoys a drink with Dobson voicer and pipemaker Donny Hobbs.
Jim and Jamie Garvey of Augusta, Georgia, home of our Op. 78, chat with Lynn Dobson.
Dobson technical designer Jon Thieszen visits with Steve and Arlene Hilding. Arlene played our Op. 10 for many years.
On Friday afternoon, the Kimmel Center hosted a meeting of the Music Critics Association of North America. Jeffrey Brillhart of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church demonstrated the organ for these visiting writers. Jeff returned to Verizon Hall on 25 May as soloist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in a performance of the Poulenc Concerto.
It's not too often that an organ dedication prompts posters on bus stops! (There was even a billboard on the Schuylkill Exressway.) Lynn Dobson and organ committee chair Fred Haas frame the poster at the corner of Broad and Spruce Streets.
No visit to Philadelphia is complete without a stop to see the Wanamaker Organ. The assembled group includes Andrew Senn, Fred Haas, Organ Curator Curt Mangel, John Panning, Bill Van Pelt, Bruce Stevens and Todd Brooks of Artec Consultants, the acoustician for Verizon Hall. Lynn Dobson is behind the camera.
Lynn Dobson hosted a celebratory lunch on Sunday for members of the Dobson crew who attended the dedication. Around the table, from left: Bill Ayers, John & Laurel Ourensma, Donny Hobbs, Lynn Dobson, John & Judy Panning, Mitch Clark, Deb & Dean Zenor, Bob & Patty Savage. Standing, from left: Shannon Hobbs, Lynn Dobson, Meridith Sperling, Sean O’Donnell, Daryl & Sally Winter, Audrey Williams, Jon and Patrick Thieszen.
The Dobson crew gathers around the stage console, with the main console and façade in the background.
Fred Haas and Lynn Dobson with the Dobson crew.
Once back in Lake City, Dobson Tonal Director John Panning and his wife Judy hosted a party for members of the Dobson crew who weren't able to attend some of the dedication festivities in Philadelphia. Local friends of the company were also invited.
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