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Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
Los Angeles, California

Opus 75

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Installation Photos

A massive steel structure, required for earthquake
stability, is waiting for our arrival.

An 80' tower of scaffolding is needed to install
the organ's American black cherry casework.

A forklift was used to move the parts from the semi trailer
into the Cathedral. The entire organ filled six semi trailers.

A 32' Bourdon pipe is wheeled into the Cathedral.

Some of the parts unloaded from the first semi trailer.

The bottom of the organ is 25' from the choir floor. All parts must be hoisted. This is one of the Positive slider windchests.

Two pneumatic winches, anchored to the Cathedral floor,
are used to hoist parts into the organ.

The Great I slider chest is lifted to its place in the organ.

The pallet boxes on these slider chests are especially
deep to house the pulldown magnets.

The top of the organ is almost 80' above the main floor.

Two new blowers, 8-1/2 h.p. each, run in parallel.
Together they produce 6,000 cfm at 10" w.c.

The 10 h.p. Spencer blower from the old Cathedral organ now raises the 10" pressure from the primary blowers to 15" and 20" pressure. The blower room is larger than some of the Cathedral chapels.

Dobson designers Antal Kozma and Jon Thieszen confer.

ConstructionInstallation • Façade • Main


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