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2007 Shop Addition

It must be a real construction project…it has a sign. R.H. Grabau of Boone, Iowa, is the general contractor.

A small backhoe excavates for footings on which steel columns will stand. The columns will carry a beam that allows this entire wall to be opened up into the new addition.

The exterior surface of the wall has been removed, and three of the four new gray columns can be seen, along with the beam just under the roof.

Excavation begins for piers that will suppport the floor of the addition.

The structure that will support the floor joists is in place.

The engineered joists are installed.

The subflooring is laid on the joists.

The walls have been set up. In the center of the photo is the “makeup air unit” for the spray booth. It heats outside air in winter to replace the air that is exhausted through the large chimney (standing above and behind the makeup unit) when organ parts are painted or lacquered. The rectangular ducts on the right carry the heated air into the shop.

The ductwork is being insulated.

The roof trusses are lifted in place.

The roof will have a single pitch, sloping away from this wall of the addition.

Large triangular spaces are provided at the deep end of the trusses to allow HVAC ductwork to pass through.

The trusses are up, the roof is on, and the first part of the wall between the new and old buildings is knocked out. Sally Winter, our secretary, and Kirk Russell, our business manager, survey the scene.

More wall is removed.

The dust collector joins the spray booth makeup air unit.

A crane hoists one of two heating/air conditioning units.

The first HVAC unit is lowered to a pad on the roof of the new addition.

A worker on stilts applies sheet rock compound to the ceiling. Don’t try this at home!

The hard maple flooring is installed.

This is a view showing most of the newly-enlarged shop, with the new addition at the rear. In the foreground right is a new German-made Altendorf F-45 sliding table saw, our second such machine.


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