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Saint Dunstan’s Episcopal Church
Carmel Valley, California

Opus 94, 2015

Construction Photos


John scribes mouths on the feet.

Bill rounds the bodies of the Nasard 2-2/3', which is tapered.

Ben rounds the bodies of the Tierce…

…and later solders the feet and bodies together.

Randy fits sliders to the Récit windchest.

Some channeling in toeboards.

Randall fits rollers for the mechanical key action.

Tongue & groove oak boards are applied to the front frame of the organ.

Some of the wooden wind trunks, sitting on top of the reservoir.

Pedal Soubasse pipes.

The floor frame is laid out.

Kent uses a laser transit to level the floor frame.

The Swell rollerboard.

The CC, or left, case side is set up, with the lower case back waiting against the erecting room wall.

This box houses the blower.

There is a door in the case front for access to the blower.

Some of the wooden structure that holds up the slider windchests.

Randy and Kent precisely locate the console chassis.

Installing the upper case sides and back.


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