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Kenilworth Union Church
Kenilworth, Illinois

Opus 81, 2003

GREAT pipes
16' Bourdon 58
8' Prestant 58
8' Chimney Flute 58
4' Octave 58
4' Spire Flute 58
2-2/3' Twelfth 58
2' Fifteenth 58
1-3/5' Seventeenth 58
IV Mixture 1-1/3' 232
8' Trumpet 58
Chimes existing retained
Swell to Great
SWELL (expressive)
8' Gedackt 58
8' Salicional 58
8' Celeste FF 53
4' Principal 58
4' Traverse Flute 58
2' Piccolo 58
1-1/3' Larigot 58
IV Mixture 2' 232
16' Bassoon 58
8' Oboe 58
Tremulant affects both manuals
16' Subbass 32
16' Bourdon from Great
8' Prestant 32
8' Gedackt ext. Subbass 12
4' Choralbass ext. Prestant 12
16' Trombone 32
8' Trumpet ext. Trombone 12
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Detached console
Mechanical key action for the manuals and electric action for the pedal
Electric stop action
Manual divisions on the left side of the chancel;
Pedal division on the right, both in symmetrical cases of white oak
8 level Solid State Logic combination action

Lynn Dobson’s original presentation drawing.


Construction Photos

Meridith mills channels in a windchest toeboard.

|The Great windchest with its rollerboard, lying upside down on a rolling cart.
(The leering image on the wall above the rollerboard is a poster for a Fleetwood Mac concert at Munich’s Deutsches Museum, 18 January 1970.)

The Swell windchest, with a somewhat more dignified poster as a backdrop.

Bob glues rib leather on the Pedal reservoir.

Two piles of coupler levers. These form part of the mechanism that allows the pipes of the Great or the Swell to play in the Pedal.

Gluing up wooden pipes.

The fronts of the pipes are cut on a milling machine. "13 F" means that piece of wood is the front of note number 13.

Randy with the console brackets, which support the keydesk. They are first made as one piece (here shown upside down), which is then cut in half to form two brackets.

Raised panels of quartersawn white oak for the console.

A rear view of the Swell division, showing the swell box, windchest and rollerboard.

The west case, which contains the manual divisions, and the detached console.

East and west façades, as set up in the erecting room.

The east case.

Shop foreman Dean Heim touches up some of the painted accents.


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