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The University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware

Opus 74, 2000

The Edward and Naomi Jefferson Pipe Organ is installed in the original home of St. Thomas Parish (Episcopal), which stands adjacent to the University of Delaware campus and has been recently restored for use as a small recital hall. Now named Bayard Sharp Hall, the building was built in 1843-45 in the early Gothic Revival style. It was deconsecrated in 1956; its subsequent decline has been arrested by a careful restoration directed by Homsey Architects of Wilmington, Delaware.

The new organ is placed in the balcony, with its console located on the side of the instrument. It is housed in a case of white oak, and employs mechanical key and stop actions. The pipes, many of which were made in the Dobson shop, are made of wood or alloys containing from 12% to 75% tin. Wind at 70 millimeters pressure is supplied from a large, single-rise reservoir.

The installation of this organ is believed to be the first ever broadcast from start to finish by webcam on the Internet. Videos of the installation in MPEG and QuickTime formats can be found on the University of Delaware's Pipe Organ Page.

Dr. David Herman is Professor of Organ and has recently stepped down as Chairman of the Department of Music.

GREAT pipes
8' Prestant in façade 58
8' Chimney Flute 58
4' Octave 58
4' Flute 58
2' Super Octave 58
IV Mixture 1-1/3' 232
8' Trumpet 58
Swell to Great
SWELL (expressive)
8' Bourdon 58
8' Salicional 58
4' Principal 58
4' Chimney Flute 58
2' Piccolo 58
1-1/3' Gemquinte 58
II Cornet 2-2/3' 116
8' Oboe 58
Tremulant affects entire organ
16' Subbass 32
8' Principal 32
8' Gedackt from Subbass 12
4' Choralbass from Principal 12
16' Trombone 32
8' Trumpet from Trombone 12
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Attached console placed on side of case
Mechanical key and stop actions
Façade pipes of burnished 75% tin
Case of solid white oak


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