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Winnetka Congregational Church
Winnetka, Illinois

Opus 58, 1993

Gedackt 8' 17 stopped wood pipes,
37 stopped pipes of 25% tin
Flute 4' 7 stopped wood pipes,
47 tapered open pipes of 25% tin
Principal 2' 54 open pipes of 75% tin
This instrument was designed to be portable, separating into three major components: the base of the organ, which houses the blower and reservoir; the body of the instrument, which contains the retractable keyboard, the windchest and its pipes; and the crown of the organ. Each component is able to pass through a standard doorway.
The manual keys have coverings of ebony naturals and bone-covered rosewood sharps. Stop controls are by drawknobs of ebony. Casework is constructed of solid cherry with ebony and walnut accents. The facade of speaking pipes are from the 2' Principal and are of burnished tin. The pipe shades are painted a bittersweet orange color and the outer surface is gilded.


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