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Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Dakota Dunes, South Dakota

Opus 1, 1974

Built on speculation by Lynn Dobson and sold to
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church,
Sioux City, Iowa in 1974

Refurbished and installed in 2011
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Dakota Dunes, South Dakota

GREAT pipes
8' Principal 61
8' Bourdon 61
4' Octave 61
2' Fifteenth 61
II Sesquialtera 2-2/3' 122
Mixture 1'
Positive to Great
8' Holzgedackt 61
4' Holzflöte 61
Principal 61
Gemshorn Quinte
Tremulant affects entire instrument
16' Subbass 32
Great to Pedal
Positive to Pedal
Mechanical key action
Mechanical stop action
Free standing oak case

Originally built by Lynn Dobson in a shed on the family farm previously used as a chicken coop, Op. 1 was sold to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in 1974, before Lynn established his business. The organ incorporated many recycled parts, such as the bellows, the keyboards and some of the pipes. In 1976, some of the old pipes were replaced with new ones, and the organ revoiced to better suit the acoustics of the church.

When Our Savior’s Lutheran Church disbanded in 2009, it gave the organ to Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Dakota Dunes, across the river from Sioux City. We removed the organ to Lake City, where it was generally refurbished. Some improvements have been made to the casework and stop action, and the Great Principal 8', which formerly borrow the lowest 12 notes from the Bourdon, now has an independent bass.

Donny repairs one of the slider windchests.

The organ is set up.

The CC-side Pedal windchest.

The existing casework has been sanded and will be refinished.

A few new panels have been made to allow better access to the Great windchest and action.


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